Back to School!

This morning as I read the verse below, I found it intriguing that this one simple statement was all Genesis said about the creation of plants. I cannot count all the times I stared in wonder at a majestic tree or a breathtaking flower and wondered “How did He make this?” What a color palette He must have had.

This makes me so excited for what the future holds. Clearly there is so much more for us to learn than what scripture details.  Can you imagine an eternity with God, learning His ways, discovering a little more of His precious loving heart every day?! I imagine it like being enrolled in the very best college.  Every subject would be your absolute favorite and you’d get to sit next to your best friend in every class.

Contrary to what many believe, I don’t think we will become instantly knowledgeable about everything the moment we reach heaven.  In fact, even after a life-long study of God’s word, meeting Him face to face will be more along the lines of heading back to school.  Only there won’t be any more on-line classes or distance learning needed.  We will have the awesome privilege of studying under the Master himself.  Now that sounds like heaven to me!  How about you?


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