Bouncing with Joy


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13

Our journey to California was interesting to say the least.  Our little family caravan was led by my husband driving a very large rental truck.  In the middle was my youngest son in our Chevy S10 pickup.  I brought up the rear driving our Santa Fe.  Each vehicle was packed to overflowing, but mine carried some extra special cargo, namely our kitty Gracie.  What an amazing travel companion!

As we started out on our drive, Gracie was tucked safely into her carrier.  Once we were on the open road I would reach over and let her out to roam.  Across the dashboard, under the seats, on top of my shoulders she would climb.  Eventually she would nestle into a cozy little spot she had found underneath some of the items we had so carefully packed into my back seat.  And whenever we slowed down to stop for gas, she would peak her head out, stretch and walk up into my lap so I could place her back into her carrier until we hit the road again.

Now if her exemplary behavior in the vehicle wasn’t enough to shock and amaze me, her attitude when we rented a room for the night was.  As soon as we placed her carrier on the bed and opened the door for her, she would come bouncing out ready to explore!  While the rest of us were travel weary and worried, little Gracie was a never-ending source of joy and laughter.

Looking back I really have to wonder how in the world she could react in such a way.  After all, cats aren’t exactly known for embracing change.  I once had a cat that freaked out every time I rearranged the furniture.  It took him days to settle down after such a change.  But not little Gracie, she seemed to revel in the new adventure.  If I were to guess I would say she most likely adjusted well because she always felt safe with us.  Being left to die on an abandoned farm, she had a very rough beginning.  But from the first moment I brought her into our home she began to learn that she was loved dearly by people she could trust.

Gracie could teach all of us a thing or two about living a joy-filled life.  After all, we are dearly loved by God.  Above anything or anyone else, He is the one we can trust completely.  Even though our lives may change drastically from day to day, we have no reason to fear.  For the One who took us in has control over it all.  Are you seeing evidence of His love for you in your day to day life?  Do you take time to reflect on His goodness in order to develop an ever-deepening trust in Him?

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