Harassed and Helpless

Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.  When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  Matthew 9:35-36

Harassed and helpless, have you ever felt this way?  I certainly have.  Like sheep without a shepherd, we all need someone to guide us.  Someone we can trust beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Someone we know within our hearts is looking out for our best interests.

In a world of ever-changing values, how are we to know and understand the way in which we were meant to live?  Do we base our lives on political views?  What about religious standards?  Maybe there’s a certain someone we think holds the key?  If you have tried any or all of these and still find yourself feeling lost, harassed and helpless there is hope for you.  Matthew 9:35-36 tells us that Jesus not only sees us when we struggle, He is moved to compassion for us.  This is very good news, because Jesus is the key that gives us the plumb line we need to live a life at peace.  It is the kind of peace that is not dependent on our circumstances.

A plumb line is defined as a line (or cord) that has a weight (or plumb bob) at one end.  It is used in construction to test if something such as a wall is vertical, exactly straight or upright.  It works by pulling the plumb bob and the attached line towards the center of gravity of the earth.  Structures that are vertically true or upright will fall into place alongside the plumb line.

Plumb line

When considering a plumb line from a spiritual point of view, the line represents our life and the direction we take.  Christ is the weight or plumb bob that joins or connects to our life once we are saved.  God is like the center of gravity to which all things point.  He is the holy standard and ultimate truth against which all other things are measured.

Once we accept Christ as our Savior, he serves as the plumb bob or weight that points us to God.  Without Christ, we cannot live a life based on the truth and we cannot ever hope to meet God’s holy standard.  But with Christ as our savior, guide, and shepherd, we find that we are made upright and true.  We can live the life God created us to live, in harmony and intimate fellowship with Him.

If you’ve accepted Christ as your savior and you’re still feeling harassed and helpless it could indicate a lack of submission to your new, compassionate guide.  It’s not uncommon to struggle with surrendering to the new direction God has provided for you.  Maybe you’re still allowing old influences to lead you away from God’s perfect plan for you?

If you’re feeling out of line, pulled in several different directions and discouraged, reach out to God in prayer.  Ask Him to help you rest and relax in the straight path He’s provided for you.  You haven’t lost your connection to your plumb bob.  Your destiny is secure and awaiting you.  Let go of the past and fall gently into the weight of His love and provision for you.

plumb bob

Letting go and allowing God to glow on!

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