Kinesthetic or tactile learning is my primary learning style.   Whenever I am attempting to grasp something new, no amount of lecturing or reading compares to actual hands-on activities.  You might say I’m a learn-by-doing type of person.

I have recently took an interest in meditation.  Although, given my learning style, traditional meditation seems nearly impossible for me.  But I have found a practice that seems to suit my needs perfectly.  I have found that by simply writing down the portion of God’s word that I want to focus on, I seem to reap some of the same benefits of traditional meditation.

With my favorite journal in hand, a good writing pen and a little free time, I have found a deep connection to God and His word.  Repeatedly writing out the same portion of scripture helps me to remember it.  And as I write down each word with slow, deliberate strokes of the pen I feel a calm come over me.  It is the type of relaxation that could only come from God and the peace His presence brings.

To uncover the truth of each passage I will ask myself key questions such as:  What is the setting? Who is speaking? What did it mean to the people during that time? How does this apply to me today?  What does this tell me about God’s character?  What does this tell me about myself?  How will this change my beliefs and my behavior moving forward?  Is this a new truth for me?  Did this uncover I lie I had previously believed? These questions lead me to a deeper understanding of the truth.

Another definition of meditate is to think about something carefully.  So is my practice meditation?  Does it really matter what we label it?  Each of us were created with a unique design.  What works for one person, may be next to impossible for another.

My point here is not to get all caught up in the how.  But to give you the freedom to explore what works best for you.  Think outside the box.  Examine your own learning preferences and needs.  What does quality time with our Father look like to you?  Try a few new approaches and don’t worry about it if none of them seem to work.  I’ve often found that the only way I discover what I truly need is by first realizing all the things that just don’t work for me.    One thing I know is true.  God created each of us with a need to connect with Him.   And He knows how to reach our hearts.  What are you doing to fulfill that need?  Are you open to His love?  Are you seeking Him?


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