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Welcome to the coast! Where the sands of Joppa meet the salty depths of the Great Sea. I hope you decide to join me in the study of Jonah. Our five-week cruise through one of the most famous old testament books of the Bible will be a rewarding one. Along the way we will encounter stories of heartbreak and rebellion. But we will also uncover the treasure of God’s amazing power to heal and restore us after some of our greatest challenges and failures. As our hearts are transformed with a newfound compassion and understanding of the characters in this familiar story, we may even discover a renewed understanding of our own, remarkable journey. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of wisdom, healing and grace God has so neatly packed within this brief, four-chapter book. And if you’re ready to leave the shore and get your feet wet, you won’t be disappointed.

Available in paperback and kindle editions

Almost anyone can look back over their lives and identify key lessons they have learned along the way. And many of the details from our past that seemed perplexing at the time now somehow fit together in a way that makes perfect sense. Perhaps we can even see God’s hand at work in some of our previous struggles. But what about today? What if we could catch Snapshots of God within the present?

Snapshots combines humorous anecdotes from Gretta’s life with timely scriptural application to speak to anyone who needs a bit of help finding glimpses of God in everyday life. There are fifty-two chapters—one for every week of the year—but you can read through this as quickly or slowly as time allows. Scattered throughout each chapter are questions to respond to and think about to get you focused on truly seeing God in the present.

If we could develop the ability to see God in every situation, every struggle, every moment, what peace and joy we would experience! For there is nothing that compares to living with the full assurance and awareness of His love for us!

Second Edition, Available in paperback and kindle formats.

First Edition, Available in Paperback and Kindle format.

This 312 page hardbound volume contains the wit and wisdom of over twenty years of experience from Christian Life Ministries and Bill Ewing’s influence as a biblical counselor.
“It’s just unbelievable,” said Todd Hillard, one of the book’s collaborative writers. “Even after the truck pulled up and we started opening boxes, my heart still didn’t believe it was there. We’ve already processed and mailed out more than 1650 books and I’m still not convinced it’s happening.”

Bill Ewing, the author, is just relieved that the principles contained in the book can now be widely distributed. “We’ve been counseling tired, discouraged and broken people one-on-one for decades. Now we have a vehicle to reach thousands with this message of hope and healing. Every time we do a conference or speak at a church we are always asked, ‘Why don’t you have a book?’ Now we do. Now the message can spread.”

This guide leads participants through the book Rest Assured.

Most of the blankets I make are based on mile a minute patterns like the ones in the links above.

My favorite brand of yarn is included in the link above.

A pattern book for the rugs I make.

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