Stepping Out

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

When I graduated college my husband and I decided to take our first trip together to celebrate.  We were in our early twenties and chose Disneyland as our destination.  With just enough money to cover our expenses we hit the road in his 1979 Monte Carlo.  It would be the furthest I had ever ventured away from my little hometown of Bismarck.

As excited as I was to show our little boy one of the best vacation destinations for children in the entire world; I was also filled with fear and anxiety.  What if our car broke down or we ran out of money?  Was crime on the west coast really as terrible as all the stories I had heard?  What if we got lost or robbed?  There were so many unknowns and dangerous possibilities to think about.

Fortunately none of what I feared ever came to fruition.  For the most part our adventure was worry free.  Well, unless you consider the night we were awakened by the sound of a stranger trying to break into our room.  And let’s not forget the wrong turn we took in a suburb of Los Angeles that led us right into the heart of some gang territory.  No, other than that, our trip was a magical experience!

I can’t say that I remember much about that trip.  My memory tends to fail me during times of extreme stress.  So you may be surprised to find out that some 24 years later we packed up our family and left the only home I’d ever known to actually move to California.  My hometown wasn’t the only thing we left behind.  We left all our friends and loved ones and three very good jobs as well.  We left a culture and a life we thrived in to go to a place filled with unknowns.  We replaced three stable income sources with one, indefinite contract job.

Now you may ask yourself, what in the world would possess someone who in her twenties was terrified to visit California to give up everything in her forties to start all over again in the same state?!  Love.  I had been growing ever closer to God for many years.  Much prayer and consideration went into the decision.  You might even say that like Jacob, I too wrestled with God.  And after quite some time, it was clear to me that God was leading us to California.  In fact, I was so convinced, I was more afraid of staying put than obediently following Him into the unknown.

Against all reason, we stepped out in faith.  And yes, we were still afraid.  But I knew that standing within the center of God’s will for us was the safest place to be no matter where it may lead us.  It was a truth that would be tested time and time again during the two short years we were there.  It was a truth I would cling to and that God would demonstrate to us time and time again; but more on that later.

So how about you?  Are you sensing a new direction for your life? Have you taken the time to prayerfully consider God’s will in it?  In a world filled with uncertainty, God is the one constant we can always turn to for direction.  Seek to do His will and the rest will fall into place.

Father, I know that Your will is for me to love You with all my heart, soul, strength and mind.  Help me to do just that.  Whatever it takes.  Where ever it may lead me.  I want to follow You.  I want to pursue You.  Show me the way.  Remove my doubts and fears.  Create a burning desire in me that overshadows anything else in my life.  I long to share a love with You that goes beyond all worldly wisdom, human reasoning or rationalization.  Teach me to love like You do!  Amen

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